What are we about?


What are we about? We are here to help you with everything car related – this could be sports cars or second hand motors; tips to improve your energy efficiency or ways to help you market your car sale business. Anything car related and anything goes!!

If you would like specific articles put on here, please do let us know. We love cars – we love selling cars, and we love helping people to make money or save money by selling cars.

What are we about? Did you know that when you are looking for a new car, you should always do your research? There are thousands of fantastic car websites out there and we encourage you to check them all! You are spending sometimes more than a years wages on something – you need to know what you are doing! We will have various articles that will help you to select the best car for your budget and for your situation. A busy mum with three kids, a dog and a busy job will need a very different car to a single teenager with no ties!

We also love to show you how to save money, whether that is from making sure you are buying the right car, to helping you sell your old car! We don’t sell cars on this site – but we can show you how to use different marketing methods including Pinterest or other social media. You can use all the usual suspects – car selling sites, local paper, Ebay even – but how about using social media? Why not create a fantastic advert in Pinterest then share it to all of your other social media sites. Hashtags are another great way of getting yourself out there. We can help you to learn all the tricks of the trade to make sure your car sells for the optimum amount of money, without costing you loads of money to advertise!